South East Linux Fest

13 Jun

Southeast Linux Fest was this past weekend, in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was a pretty fun experience, but first, I’d like to start out by talking about my time at the Fedora table.

It was pretty fun, and an interesting experience – for once, I wasn’t the one going, “Hey, I don’t have a single clue, ask him.” Instead, someone else was saying to me, “Hey, I don’t know – ask that guy, or that one over there.” I didn’t realize the amount of knowledge I’ve gained just from sitting in the #fedora channel on

It was good to see nb and j_dulaney again, as well as others who I do not get to see often. Also, I got the opportunity to meet Andrew Ward – he seems to be a pretty good guy, and was a great hnelp in running the table. Many thanks to you, award!

Next, I’d like to get on to the chosen venue, as well as hotel. To say the MOST, I was not impressed, at all. The bathroom in my hotel room was chipped and had some sort of white dust – which I assumed to be dust from the chipped tub – in it. Our room had two full-sized beds, which was strange to me, since most hotel rooms I stay in have queen-sized at the least; this, however, was of no consequence to me. The public restrooms were not to my liking, and the elevators were the wackiest I have ever seen. They took me up and down, past the floor I was looking for, on several occasions, and seemed intent on trying to close before anyone could get into them.

Finally, I am done complaining – on to some good things!

The local food in Charlotte was pretty amazing. I found myself waiting to go to the room to do some research on Portal Magic, so I might open portals from my yard to these restaurants. The first restaurant we went to was called Valhalla Pub and Eatery. It was a small little place, with more outside seating than in, but it had an awesome atmosphere. The first thing noticeable to one walking in was definitely the big bearded axe hanging on a post at the bar. Behind the bar there was a big ol’ viking helmet. Rounding a corner, one would see many drawings on the walls, reminiscent of cave paintings. Up on the wall, opposite of these drawings, is a spear, and below it, some fey (I was argued with that they were trolls, but they seemed like regular gremlins to me). On the wall was a big huge TV, with a game of football [actual football, not American]. They sell all sorts of beer – in name, my favorite was Sex Viking, simply because of the poster for it on the wall. My girlfriend and mother had a try at a shot of their Sweedish Fish – a many liquor drink with a little grenadine and sour mix. They said it was like drinking a sweedish fish, which must have been an interesting experience. They also had a delicious lemonade – hand-squeezed, made when you order it.

The next night, we went to Mac’s Barbecue and Bikes or something like that. They were pretty good, and you definitely got what you paid for. They didn’t have too terribly high of prices – I got their Carolina-style Brisket, which cost about $16, but was also said to have cooked for 12 hours and came with a whole lot of mac ‘n cheese and onion rings.


South East Linux Fest

14 Jun

Friday morning started rather rushed, with me being urged out the door by my parents to hury on to McDonald’s. From there we ate a rapid breakfast and I was ushered off to my last day of school for the year, to take a single exam. At 11:00 AM I was picked up by my wonderful girlfriend and we were off to see… the car that would take us to the convention.
Friday evening found us at the Spartanburg Mariott, with bags being rushed up to the room. Soon we went downstairs and got signed in, and began the search for our table. We must have passed by it two or three times before we finally recognized the people sitting at it, more specifically the piece of paper stating Fedora on it. Quickly we unpacked everything from our beloved Event Box and got the table as set up as quick as humanly possible, and in a matter of minutes we were ready to go. During that time a man came up with computer issues, and oh how glad I am – he introduced me to a very interesting and useful application known as Guake, which allows you to press one key on your keyboard and bring up a terminal, then press that same button to drop it. Personally, I use the Menu key.

Saturday found us getting up earlier than I expected, stumbling downstairs. My dad stayed at the table for, as far as I know, a large chunk of the day; I was only there for short bits and pretty much every time I was there, he was there. For some reason the convention just did not seem like it was very full this year; it seemed to have about a third, or less, of the people than it did last year. For the two and a half hours straight I was at the convention, there were very few people; the same people came by the table quite a few times. It took us longer than expecteed to take down the table but it was still done in a relatively short time.