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South East Linux Fest

14 Jun

Friday morning started rather rushed, with me being urged out the door by my parents to hury on to McDonald’s. From there we ate a rapid breakfast and I was ushered off to my last day of school for the year, to take a single exam. At 11:00 AM I was picked up by my wonderful girlfriend and we were off to see… the car that would take us to the convention.
Friday evening found us at the Spartanburg Mariott, with bags being rushed up to the room. Soon we went downstairs and got signed in, and began the search for our table. We must have passed by it two or three times before we finally recognized the people sitting at it, more specifically the piece of paper stating Fedora on it. Quickly we unpacked everything from our beloved Event Box and got the table as set up as quick as humanly possible, and in a matter of minutes we were ready to go. During that time a man came up with computer issues, and oh how glad I am – he introduced me to a very interesting and useful application known as Guake, which allows you to press one key on your keyboard and bring up a terminal, then press that same button to drop it. Personally, I use the Menu key.

Saturday found us getting up earlier than I expected, stumbling downstairs. My dad stayed at the table for, as far as I know, a large chunk of the day; I was only there for short bits and pretty much every time I was there, he was there. For some reason the convention just did not seem like it was very full this year; it seemed to have about a third, or less, of the people than it did last year. For the two and a half hours straight I was at the convention, there were very few people; the same people came by the table quite a few times. It took us longer than expecteed to take down the table but it was still done in a relatively short time.